Year 5 Standon Bowers

We have not yet booked the trip. Here is the timetable for the visit. Click on any links for more information and keep an eye on the calendar for meetings and dates.

  1. Ask parents if they want their children to go on the trip – expression of interest form.
  2. If so, make a booking for Standon Bowers in January or February. Inform parents of dates.
  3. Set up permissions, paying in booklets and deposits.
  4. Pre visit information evening.
  5. Medical forms, consent form and similar
  6. Trip.

Background information

In recent years our class has gone to Standon Bowers and have found it to be a tremendously valuable trip. The children gain a lot from this type of experience and I have no doubt that this will be the case should we go ahead this year. Standon Bowers is a residential centre that has been run by the authority. Staff are very experienced with children from all ages and it has always proved to be one of the best residential centres in terms of quality of delivery.

Should the visit go ahead, it will include some outdoor and adventurous activities and is designed to complement the Year 6 trip that is a regular feature of the school.

We anticipate the cost to be in the region of £120. The school will already provide a subsidy and will not be able to assist further with the costs. This will involve two overnight stays, two activities on the first day; a full set of activities on the second and at least one on the third day.  This is a very comparable price when compared to far shorter activities such as Go Ape or similar and, of course, covers accommodation, food and all the trained staff that run the course.

We recognise that this is still a significant amount of money to find. We would be able to spread the cost over a few monthly payments as we would look to go around the end of January/February.