Year 4 Invade Chester

On Thursday 28th March we went on a Roman experience day at Chester. It was an amazing trip and everybody had a lovely time. We would like to thank Mrs Cope for everything she does for us, because every time we go on a trip she comes with us and when we go swimming she comes with us. When we were having a snack in the Roman gardens she brought us cakes and they were so tasty! The weather was perfect so we didn’t have to wear our coats. We also went to a huge Roman museum where we sang the Roman numerals song that we sang in our assembly. Our tour guide loved it and she tried to join in. We had a bit of a laugh at the amphitheater because Miss Davies fought Mrs Baker! They were slapping each other with foam sticks. It was so funny. Anyway, now it is the end of the trip and I would love to go again. We learned so much and most of all it was fun!


On the 28th March 2019, Year 4 went on a Roman Experience in Chester, we all had a wonderful day. I would like to thank 4 people: Mrs Baker, Mrs Buckley, Miss Davies for letting us go on the trip and Mrs Cope for making cakes that we ate in the gardens for Joe’s birthday. Whilst we were in the museum, we sang our Roman Numerals song to our tour guide. When we were marching around Chester a man said “Free icecream at Nandos!” and I nearly walked in. We were so loud we were shouting “SIN SIN SIN DEC SIN!” I felt sorry for a man on his phone. It was wonderful and we all loved it.

Recount of their day written by Year 4 children.