Year 3 Trip to The National Stone Centre

As part of Year 3’s Science and History topics the year 3 children went on a school trip to the National Stone Centre. We are studying `rocks and soils` and `The Stone Age`.
During the day the children participated in several activities.
Firstly they were taken on a tour around the site where they learnt about fossils, during this time the children were hunting for fossils on rocks and found a range of fossils from sharks teeth to plant fossils.
The second activity involved the children answering a range of questions about stones and soils, the information was dotted around the room on large posters and the children had to extract the information off the posters and answer the questions. During this activity they also got the opportunity to see and activate a wave monitor, the louder/harder the children jumped the more waves that showed on the monitor.
After the first two activities the children stopped for lunch.
The afternoon was action packed. The children `panned for gems`. They were given a bowl of sand with gems hidden in the sand. They had to wet the sand using a small fresh water pond and sift the sand away from the gems. There were even bits of gold hidden!!! The children said that this was their favourite activity of the day. After they had panned the gems they were gifted them and allowed to take them home as a souvenir.
Lastly we made our own fossils out of plaster of paris- the children poured the solution into a mould and created their own fossils.
Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and the children learnt a lot; contributing to their prior knowledge of rocks and stones.
A big thank you to The National Stone Centre for making the trip such a fantastic experience for the children.