World War I Commemoration

2nd & 3rd August 2014

The children have been working on the stories of Albert and Gwen – a fictitious married couple who lived during the war.  We explored their lives through their letters to each other and we worked very hard to understand the sacrifice that they both made.

This was part of a community effort that involved visitors coming into school to talk about the war, other schools coming into school to learn more and all the schools in the area working with the Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook Historical Society to commemorate the start of the great war.

Please note that our work will be on display in time for the commemoration on the 2nd and 3rd August 2014 (in the Methodist Church) and will be available to viewing every Monday during the summer holidays.

Please read Bertie’s letters to Gwen here (big file)

Please read Gwen’s letters to Bertie here

Please read the telegrams and call up papers here.