Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

The team wonder what happened to the shield that could have been ours.

Friday 29th November 2013

The Blythe Bridge School Sports Association ran another successful tournament today. This time the 6 schools played each other at Volleyball. Our team played fantastically, never losing a game and in a couple of cases not even losing a point.

With nervous anticipation we approached the final against Forsbrook. “We could win!” was a constant thought. We’ve never played before but to be fair neither had they. In netball, whoever serves either wins the point or loses the serve. This way a team receiving a serve has to win twice in a row to get a point. Forsbrook served the first…..and won the point. They served again…and won the point…

We’d like to say that the match became more dramatic than that. But our nerves got the better of us and we were soundly beaten 8-O! Defeat snapped from the jaws of victory.

With a bit of time to spare, Forsbrook challenged us to a follow up friendly match only to find that we were a much better side. The match was even stevens throughout. Fate played a fair hand by letting them win 8-7, so we can all admit they deserved the victory.

Well done to the team who I though communicated and worked together really well.

And thank You to Mr Edwards for organising the event.