Year 5 Bottle Kiln Art

Year 5 have been learning about our local history. They have been looking at two particular local artists who use Stoke-on-Trent and its bottle kilns in their work. These artists are Sid Kirkham and Michael Pritchard. Sid Kirkham painted grey, smoky industrial scenes, while Michael Pritchard uses different techniques of sampling, mixing and montage to create colourful bottle kiln pieces of art.
Year 5 have taken inspiration from these two artists to create their own sketches of a smoky Stoke-on-Trent, and colourful collages of bottle kilns.
Well done Year 5!

A Team Football Tryouts

Well done to all the children who took part in the A Team football tryouts today, you showed some real teamwork. Good luck.

12th September 2018 – Class Information Evening

Class Info Evening
Your class teachers will be available on Wednesday 12th September to talk to you about your child(ren)’s new class routines and structures. This is not the opportunity to talk about individual children though you may well want to book an appointment on that day. This is more about homework, trips, curriculum and so on.

KSI – 17.00 to 17.30

KSII  – 17.30 to 18.00

Year 6 will be arranged for a different day.

Newsletter 10th September 2018


9th November 2018 – WWI Day


10th September 2018
The Next Fortnight for School and Nursery
12th          Class Info Evening

17th          Academy Photographs

CADSSA starts promptly this year – as ever. Fixtures will be sent out to members of Football A and B as well as cross country and the other events this term.

Looking Forward
Welcome to all our new children, parents and staff.


Class Info Evening
Your class teachers will be available on Wednesday 12th September to talk to you about your child(ren)’s new class routines and structures. This is not the opportunity to talk about individual children though you may well want to book an appointment on that day. This is more about homework, trips, curriculum and so on.

KSI – 17.00 to 17.30

KSII  – 17.30 to 18.00

Year 6 will be arranged for a different day.

Term dates are coming out shortly. However, our school’s calendar is available on the school website ( with instructions on how to sync the school diary with yours (beware – you might get reminders at odd times of day. Alternatively, put this link in your favourites or bookmarks to access it quickly and directly.

On top of that we try to communicate via the following:

  • Weekly newsletter which is emailed and is available in the display boards in Reception Class entrance and the school’s main entrance,
  • Texts,
  • Facebook,
  • Notes or meetings directly with the teacher,
  • The KSI display board.


Academy Photographers will be in from 08.30 on Monday 17th September 2018.

From 08.30 to around 09.00, parents are welcome to use this service to take whole family shots – parents, grandparents, siblings, whatever.

If you want a photo of your school child(ren) and older/younger siblings, this is the time to organise this. Just turn up and wait until the photographer is free.

From around 09.00 we will then take individual AND sibling photographs (including nursery) of all children in the school.

For anyone new, you will get a sample pack after a few weeks and request any copies you want via their order system.


Rocksteady for next year
There are a number of spaces available, especially for guitar, keyboard and vocals and children from any year group may take part. The best way to enrol is to visit and ‘enrol online’.

School improvements

  • Technology Suite

Please sit down as you read this – I don’t want anyone going weak at the knees from an attack of “unsurprise”… the work that was faithfully promised to be completed by this week has now been delayed! Our new deadline is October half term now that the roof is on (hence the big crane the other day).

  • Nursery Learning Area

You may recall we were looking to extend the EYFS playground to include a learning area in a plot where we were originally cultivating nettles. This is complete.

  • Nursery Physical Development

You may also recall that we were looking to replace the “pirate ship” in the EYFS playground and then look to develop the Physical Development area a little more depending on what was left in the budget. This is currently scheduled to happen on Thursday 13th September.

  • Staff Toilets

We have been offered a grant to develop the staff toilets. It appears that the grant can’t be used for pupil toilets or other work. To be fair, the staff toilets are in a very poor state as no headteacher has (or would) ever give priority to toilets over books etc. The work should be done in the October half term.


As always, I will always do my best to speak to you about any concerns you may have on the day so please feel free to approach me, either on the playground or book an appointment if you prefer.

Mr B Wilken





Newsletter 3rd November 2017



The school’s latest Ofsted Judgment continues to be GOOD. The full judgement can be found on our school website and online via Ofsted.

It can be found HERE.


However, I thought it worth sharing some of the following positives:

  • The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection…
  • Pupils benefit from a rich and engaging curriculum that pays careful attention to their academic and personal development…
  • Pupils are very proud of their school and are keen to tell visitors about their learning…
  • Some parents also submitted additional comments about the school. Typical comments included: ‘The school is a welcoming environment, it’s lovely to see that teachers know all of the children, and everyone seems very happy’, and, ‘The extra curriculum activities are invaluable and teach additional skills to the children’…
  • The school is calm and ordered because pupils’ behaviour and manners are exceptional….
  • Children enjoy their time in the [Nursery and Reception] and get off to an excellent start in their learning journey at William Amory…
  • This [teaching] approach is clearly having a positive impact on outcomes….
  • Pupils unanimously report that they feel safe and that there is someone to talk to if they have a concern or worry…
  • Parents report that staff are approachable and caring…
  • Staff have created a culture of safeguarding at the school…


And points to develop:

  • Progress is not as strong in writing across the school [as reading and maths]…
  • There is also variation in teachers’ expectations and pupils’ presentation…
  • There is scope for [safeguarding] record keeping to be more rigorous…


Next steps for the school,

Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that:

  • Systems used to record and track any safeguarding concerns have greater rigour;
  • A clear strategic plan is devised for the further development of the expanded early years provision;
  • The outdoor learning environment in early years matches the quality of activities and resources found in the internal environment;
  • Teachers have more opportunities to share effective practice and thereby establish consistently higher levels of expectation and challenge;
  • Teachers participate in a wider programme of moderation activities so that they develop even greater confidence in the judgements they make about pupils’ achievement.


Looking Forward

 Reminder Parents Evening

It is parents’ evening on the 8th November. Here’s a chance to find out how your child(ren) has settled into the class and to see if there’s any issues that need to be looked at.

The appointment is not long so if you feel that you need to have a longer appointment, please arrange that with the teacher.

It is interesting to note that most backlogs happen after 18.00.

Please make your way into the hall and your teacher(s) will call for you. Teas and coffees are available. You are free to look at your children’s work before or after the appointment.


Poppies and other items

On behalf of the British Legion we are collecting donations for their good causes. We have a suggested contribution for items below. We can’t give change but many parents and children do prefer to donate more than our suggestions. These items will be on sale until the 11th. Please be aware that we recommend children write their initials on the back of these items as there is no possibility we can work out who’s poppy is who’s if they fall off a jumper, bag, etc.

Poppies – 50p

Rulers, bracelets, clip on poppies  – £1.00