Year 1 Go Outdoors

17th September 2014 Year 1 took advantage of the Indian Summer to go outdoors.

Mr Fox, our Outdoors Specialist in Residence, took the Year 1 class on a river and woodland walk today. The class spent all morning looking at the flora and fauna in our local area, as well as discussing the safety of being around water and canals.

Taking advantage of the weather in the afternoon, the children then made scarecrows using natural materials (other than string).

Whilst the jury is still out as to whether any crows would actually be scared of the designs, the children worked well together in a team effort to design the scarecrows and thoroughly enjoyed being out in the Indian Summer.



Jubilee Gardens Opening

26th September 2013. Council Chairman and School Governor open the gardens with the help of our Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls.

The Sentinel (26.09.13) reported:

EXCITED youngsters enjoyed their first look at a new £30,000 playground built on wasteland previously plagued by fly tippers and dog fouling.
Jubilee Gardens, between Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook Village Hall, has undergone a complete transformation. The new park boasts a BMX track, a zip wire, climbing ropes and swings.

Members of Forsbrook Parish Council, which oversaw the transformation, showed parents, residents and children from nearby primary schools around the playground. Council chairman Gill Burton said: “It’s really wonderful to give the children somewhere to play. “We decided to do it last year as a celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee, and to give the children some great facilities.”

Fellow councillor Anthony Mould added: “We had some problems with dog mess and fly-tipping, but we’ve completely changed the area and now it’s a lovely place for the kids. “The playground has CCTV and that has stopped most of the problems.”

Bruce Wilken, headteacher of William Amory Primary School in Blythe Bridge, said: “It’s the only place round here for children to play and I’m sure that they’ll make the most of it. It’s going to be a great community space for all to come and enjoy.”

Natasha Richards, headteacher of Forsbrook Primary School, said: “It’s great for the children to have somewhere new to go.”

And the youngsters themselves were delighted with the new playground. Amy Brian, aged 10, of Sutherland Crescent, said: “It’s only up the road from where I live so I can come with my friends.”

Cameron Griffiths, also aged 10, of Stallington Road, said: “It’s close to school so we can come here a lot. The climbing frame is my favourite bit.”

Fellow 10-year-old George Forrester, of Hawk Close, said: “I really like it. The climbing ropes are fun.” And to mark the official opening Tesco community champion Karen Rowley brought cakes and refreshments. She said: “It’s really lovely that the children now have somewhere to play.”

The council received £25,230 towards the playground’s £31,538 cost from the EU’s LEADER programme, which supports grass roots community work. LEADER programme manager Ian Jackson said: “It’s great to see the money going into a place the kids can enjoy.” June Bassett, of Springfield Drive, said: “The parish council works really hard. They’re all voluntary and they put their heart and soul into their work. They’ve really pulled it off and it looks great.”


We’re Off to See the Seaside…

17th July 2013

Southport Trip.

t-southport10-0713For once the weather was very much on our side. In fact, it couldn’t have been more perfect. The sun t-southport08-0713gave us all the warmth we needed whilst the cool breeze kept us from getting too hot. If you are reading this sometime after the end of t-southport07-0713July 2013 – remember that fortnight?

In anticipation that it is going to rain throughout August….the scorching weeks of July 2013 will stand out.
We were concerned right from day one of planning about rain and wind, but thankfully t-southport06-0713the day was neither the hottest of the week (30 degrees) but just right.

t-southport05-0713Our fantastic day was further blessed with a near empty beach and children so eager to build castles, play in the sand and hunt for shells and treasure.

t-southport04-0713There were some mighty hauls of treasure during the day, with T shirts sagging full of razor clams, winkle shells and all manner of t-southport03-0713other shells as well. Without a doubt Year 3 were the winners of that competition.

The sandcastle standard was very high, with our student volunteers producing and 18 turret castle with just a little help from Year 1.

t-southport02-0713From the moment we arrived to the moment we t-southport01-0713(disappointingly) left, the children were off playing rounders, flying kites or exploring under the pier.

A wonderful day and one I know that the staff and I am sure the pupils will remember for a very long time.



Year 6 at Standon Bowers.

4th July 2013.

Another hugely successful week at Standon Bowers for the Year 6 class. Mr Robinson and Mrs Lawrence reports how absolutely fantastic the children were – trying every single challenge put in their way and really working as a team.

Only one child refused to climb the wall…only to ask to go back later that afternoon and conquer his fears by climbing right to the top. If that’s not the very definition of not giving up and giving it your all then we don’t know what is.

The campfire songs were a highlight. Although only 14 in number, the volume coming from them (and, it has to be said, Mrs Lawrence) you’d have thought it was the whole school!

A very big thank you to all the staff at Standon Bowers for, as usual, giving their all to make it such an experience. A special thanks to Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Robinson for giving up so much of their time for this celebration trip.

Most of all, well done Year 6 – we’re very proud of you.


PS – Please forgive the quality of the picture – it was a lot darker than it looks!

Children learn a valuable e-safety message

5th June 2013

Part of our teaching on keeping safe, the children took part in a drama workshop on how to stay safe online. This is part of our work on e safety in general and our understanding of facebook and how it can be useful and destructive.

Well done to the volunteers who took part in the brilliant performance and, of course, our thanks to eScape for putting on the performance.