Newsletter 13th November 2017

The Next Fortnight

16th      Y5 CPR training at Library

18th      Nursery Governors meeting

Y3/4 Tag Rugby tournament

19th      Discos

20th      End of first half term

6th Nov PTFA meeting 18.30

INSET – 30th October – Children return to school Tuesday 31st October


Looking Forward



On behalf of all the children, staff and governors, I’d like to thank Mrs Wagstaff and Mrs Herdman for the absolutely fantastic support they have given the school over the past years. We thank you for your time as Chair and Vice Chair as well as those years as members.

Thank you to Mrs Hayes, Mrs Falconer and Mrs Fox for stepping into the roles of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary and to Mr Dicken for continuing as treasurer.



On a similar note, I’d like to thank the tireless services of Mrs Shufflebottom who has supported the school as governor for very many years. Your input and help has been very much appreciated and will be greatly missed.


Reminder – Discos

The PTFA discos will take place on the 19th October 2017. Key Stage I children party from 17.30 to 18.30 and Key Stage II children from 18.45 to 20.00.

Parents are more than welcome to stay for the event. Please drop off and pick up from the main school entrance. Snacks, drinks and glow sticks amongst others will be on sale.



Looking Back

Open Day

Thank you to all those children and parents who came back in the evening to support the school last week for our Open Day. You made the school look special.


Newsletter 15th September 2017

15th September 2017

The Next Fortnight

18th         Academy Photos

19th         CADSSA (Cheadle and District School Sports               Association) B league

20th         William Amory Remembers – Sgt Egerton VC

21st         CADSSA A league



Looking Forward

Reminder  – Academy Photographers for school and nursery

Photographers will be in on Monday 18th September for photographs. Each visit has a different format. This term’s is Families, siblings and individuals.

What this means is that if you want to have a family photograph taken by them come in through the main entrance between 08.30 and 09.00 (no later) with your children and they will take photos.

After that we will organise for individual and sibling photographs to take place during the day. Sample packs come out a few weeks later for you to purchase if you wish.


Reminder – Macmillan Coffee Morning for school and nursery families

The school raises money for this charity on the 29th. Cakes are gratefully received and the session will start as soon as the children go in. More information will follow.


Sgt Egerton

We have been invited to represent the children of Blythe to remember the centenary of Sgt Ernest Egerton being awarded the VC.

Sgt Egerton was born locally (his blue plaque is on his house on Uttoxeter Road) and was one of many young men who went to fight in World War I.


Looking Back

Parent Information Evening

Thanks to all parents who visited class to meet the teacher and find out about this term and year. I hope you found it useful and gave you the chance to assure yourselves of the routines of the class.


Times and Echo

Our new Reception children were photographed this week by the Times and Echo so look out for their photo in the upcoming edition.


Some Reminders


Can I remind everyone that parking is very difficult around all primary schools and we are no exception. Please park considerately and bear in mind that you are subject to all the rules of the highway code and you are likely to be reminded of this by other road users!



Very many children and adults are frightened of dogs and no amount of telling them a dog is safe will change their minds. Dogs are big with sharp teeth and they can and do hurt children. Even tiny dogs are hundreds of times bigger than spiders but that doesn’t stop people running away from a spider no bigger than a 5p piece!

For this reason we don’t allow dogs on our playgrounds. Please can you secure your dog well away from the school gates when you come to pick up or drop off.


As always, I will always do my best to speak to you about any concerns you may have on the day so please feel free to approach me, either on the playground or book an appointment if you prefer.


Mr B Wilken


Bake Off comes to The William Amory.

16th February 2016
Year 2 are looking at making bread as part of their learning about The Great Fire of London. Let’s hope that the reproduction of Pudding Lane isn’t fully authentic.

We’ve got Mrs Coates judging in place of Mary Berry. Mrs Watkinson with Mrs Baker are our double act and most ably replace Mel and Sue.

WWII Remembered

14th February 2017

Year 6 tell the school and parents all about the events of World War II with an assembly. It covered the start of the war, life in the Blitz and memories of Anne Frank before moving into the classroom to sample some cake recipes from the days of rationing.

Well done to all for a brilliant assembly.



Beat the Black Friday Hype at Our Christmas Fayre.

25th November 2016

Admittedly a little early in the season, the school hosted its 2016 Christmas Fayre today. A fabulous event, organised so well by the ever talented PTFA. Thanks to all who came and took part.

Fashion Fun at The William A!

9th November 2016

Year 6 set the tone as we start to explore the fashions across the ages.

The children spent the week looking at fashion from a number of angles. Key Stage I looked at themes including, Winter, Autumn and Fireworks. Key Stage II went back in history.

After such a creative week it was clear the only thing left was to strut our stuff along the catwalk. With around 100 parents and grandparents eagerly waiting a glimpse at the styles of the past and the future, the children showed off their designs and artwork.

It was a fantastic afternoon which finished off a fantastic day of workshops with parents and grandparents. In fact, it was a fantastic end to the whole week.


Well done children!