Inter House Challenge

20th October 2016

Part of our work on Wellbeing is working together in houses to develop teamwork and friendship. With sportsmanship thrown in as well, a whole school inter house sport events seemed the right way to go.

Well done to all those who took part.

Athletics Tournaments

July 2013. The William Amory take part in not one but two tournaments.

We are very pleased to be part of two school sports associations – CADSSA and BBDSA as this means we get twice the sporting opportunities to most schools.

CADSSA put on it’s usual tournament at the Northwood stadium on the 8th of July. With over 10 schools represented and something like 200 children, the event went brilliantly as it always does. Mr Martin’s (previous headteacher of The William Amory) voice over the tannoy brought back fond memories for many of our pupils – but not too fond we hope!
Our girls, once again, came a very creditable fourth (we won last year – no pressure then girls) with the boys not quite being able to match their success.
We had some individual winners including the distance, shot put, long jump and 100m.

…But then, three days later we took part in the Blythe Bridge tournament at the High School.
I’m pleased to announce that our team did exceptionally well with everyone getting a place in the top three in each of the events and many of the team coming home with golds.
The tournament didn’t have any awards for the outright winning school but we felt confident that it would have been ours for the taking.

Well done girls and boys.

Sports Day

21st June 2013

The William Amory finally managed to get a sports day after quite a few attempts over the last two years. And in the end, the weather was just perfect for the occasion.

The four houses competed neck and neck throughout the afternoon and in the end first and second place were just a few points apart, with third and fourth also fighting each other for bronze.

However, in the end Topaz won the overall cup so a particular well done to them although every child deserves a pat on the back.

And not just children…parents as well. There have been complaints of stiff legs from one or two parents but well done to all of those who took part.


The Girls Romp Home in First

t-xcountrywinner-06136th June 2013

For once the weather was with us as we took to the field in Cross Country.

Part of the Blythe Bridge School Sports Association on this occasion rather than our second league – CADSSA; our team found ran their hearts out.

In a tense race, four of the first five girls came from William A, with a convincing win by our star runner.  It was right up to the wire, but the competitor from the other school found it all too much and faded in the last 150m, letting two past her as she came a respectable third. Our fourth place runner narrowly missed out on a third.

t-xcountryBBHSthird-0613Furthermore, the girls score of 13 beat the winning boys team of 19 (the lower the score the better in cross country) so you could even suggest that the girls won overall.

The boys did not fair quite so well, but were very respectably placed in fourth overall. This is particularly good when you consider they were Year 4 running against Year 5 and 6.

Both teams did the school proud and for once the spectators were treated to a bit of sunshine. W

Well done all.


With all the celebrations that were going on, you’d think we’d won the season. But well done to both our teams today against St Peter’s.

The B team did a fantastic job against children 2 or 3 years older.

But well done to the A team – we finally won a match. Jason had a pair of very well deserved goals. Tyenam also deserved a goal but it wasn’t to be.

Brilliant boys – well done!