Beat the Black Friday Hype at Our Christmas Fayre.

25th November 2016

Admittedly a little early in the season, the school hosted its 2016 Christmas Fayre today. A fabulous event, organised so well by the ever talented PTFA. Thanks to all who came and took part.

Fashion Fun at The William A!

9th November 2016

Year 6 set the tone as we start to explore the fashions across the ages.

The children spent the week looking at fashion from a number of angles. Key Stage I looked at themes including, Winter, Autumn and Fireworks. Key Stage II went back in history.

After such a creative week it was clear the only thing left was to strut our stuff along the catwalk. With around 100 parents and grandparents eagerly waiting a glimpse at the styles of the past and the future, the children showed off their designs and artwork.

It was a fantastic afternoon which finished off a fantastic day of workshops with parents and grandparents. In fact, it was a fantastic end to the whole week.


Well done children!

Dancer Visits the Children

9th December 2015

We were so pleased that Dancer was able to take time out of his busy schedule to visit the school. We hope he has a great and effective Christmas Eve.

Thanks to Blithebury Lodge for visiting as well.

Father Christmas Favours The William Amory

4th December 2015

In one of his several visits to The William Amory Primary School, Father Christmas greets a pupil at the School Fayre.

Many thanks to all involved in organising the fayre and for those who came and took part. We raised over £1600 for the school.

Smoke gets in their eyes

15th November 2015
Year 5 continue to learn more about the outdoors.