Reception Save Jack Frost’s Hands

Today the children received a letter from the one and only Jack Frost! On his visit last night his icy hands got lost somewhere in our school grounds. The Reception children felt very sad for Jack Frost and were ready to help him find his hands again and save the day. They got their coats, hats and gloves and set off outside in search of the missing hands. Everyone was very excited and hoped to be the one to find the hands. They searched high and they searched low and finally found his very cold and icy hands. The children noticed the hands had started to melt and came up with the fantastic idea of keeping them in the freezer until Jack Frost could come back for them. Once the hands were safely in the freezer the children decided to make some posters to tell Jack Frost where his hands were waiting for him. The children absolutely loved helping Jack Frost find his hands and their excitement was contagious.