Putting our calendar on your PC or smartphone

Our calendar should be able to fit neatly into your existing calendars such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Google. You should also be able to feed it to your smartphone/tablet using the model below.

Now, we have to admit to finding it all a little confusing. But from what we can see you will need one of the following codes depending on how you want to see it.


If you’re happy bringing up a web page – why not stick the following in your bookmarks/favourites:


Putting our calendar in your own (Outlook, Google, etc)


We used this code in Outlook. This is how we did it:

  •  File>account settings>add (& remove) new accounts.
  • In new box titled Account Settings..select the tab labelled Internet Calendar.
  • Click on NEW and a box titled New Internet Calendar Subscription.
  • Type or paste the whole address below into this (If you press the Ctrl and C button at the same time that will copy any text you have highlighted/selected. If you then press Ctrl and V at the same time – it will paste).
  • Then press Add.
  • A new box will appear. Click OK. (We found that another box came up that seemed to be very (very-very) wide. The OK button was all the way over on the right.
  • In Calendar view we selected the box labelled basic (you can right click and rename this to WAPS or whatever) and it shows up.
  • We’re not sure whether you need the webcal:// bit!


Smartphone/tablet – Android & Apple

Basically, you set up a new account (an ical/webcal account) and then link that to your calendar.

Android – We managed to do this because we have android systems in school. Please note that these worked on our phones but we are not advocating any product. Effectively, you’re making an account using a third party and then linking our school website to that account. It took us about 5 minutes to acheive and was actually very simple for once.

  • Go to your Google play store and search for “webcal” We found a few. We tried the first two and both worked so it’s quite possible that you can choose from any. For purposes here we used ICalSync2 (principally because we’ve been able to copy and paste their excellent instructions from their website!).
  • Run ICalSync app on android phone and it would give you an option to go to “Go to Sync Accounts”
  • Click on “Add account” from the bottom right.
  • Select ICalSync (you should have Google, Mail, Twitter, etc).
  • Enter Name and other details. In “choose URL” enter the ICal URL (we opened this page on our phones and copied the url – missing out the webcal:// bit). (Note: replace webcal:// with http:// in this link)
  • Set synchronize time to 1 hour and save it.
  • You will start seeing all your appointments directly in your mobile’s native calendar. You can even customize settings to get an alert prior to appointments.

Apple – We don’t really know apple so we can’t confirm how it works – but we searched “how to add webcal to iphone” and there seemed to be a fair few comments.
Please note that we searched these links, apps and plugins and cannot guarantee any ads, messages, content on them. At the time of publication the instructions were clear and accurate.