Philippa Hanna Knocks ’em Speechless

29th September 2014 Guest Singer Philippa Hanna and her drummer Joel came to school today to perform in front of the children.

t-1409-philippahanna05Phillipa is a British singer-songwriter from Sheffield, England. She has worked in a variety of musical styles, but is most associated with the contemporary Christian music genre. She used the music to explore some common themes including,

  • believing in yourself;
  • being happy with who you are;
  • bullying;
  • taking part and having fun.

It’s true to say that the children sat in awed silence listening to the message and Philippa’s lovely voice.

Philippa tweeted:

FANTASTIC morning with the kids! Love how little ones are so individual and so great at having fun. Thanks for your prayers all xx

Thanks to her and Joel for coming and sharing at The William Amory.