Newsletter 9th November 2018

Remembrance Parade

10.00 from Blythe Bridge Village Hall

11.00 at the St Peters Calvary Cross

Service follows


9th November 2018

The Next Fortnight

12th          Full Governors

Year 3 trip to National Stone Centre

13th          William Amory remembers William Dale

14th          Cluster Music performance @ St Peters

15th          Parents Evening

16th          Children in Need

19th          PTFA meeting @ 18.30

20th          BBSSA swimming gala

22nd         Y6 trip to Cosford

23rd          Non Uniform Day – Christmas Hampers


Looking Forward

Remembrance Parade and Poppies

The Blythe Bridge Historical Association has put up a magnificent display outside St Peters. We are so proud to have been able to contribute a few (hundred) poppies of our own.

On Sunday, the village traditionally walk from the village hall, down the main road and into St Peter’s for the service. This is preceded by the laying of wreaths at the Calvary Cross at 11.00.

Anybody wishing to come is most welcome. I will ask a few children to represent the school if they are willing to lay the wreath.


Parents Evening

You may well have been given a time slot for parents evening now. For those new to the school, this is an opportunity to talk to the class teacher about your child and to look at his/her books in the classroom.
We do try to stick to the times listed and we ask that you try to do the same as well. If the meeting looks like it will go on for longer than the 5 minutes we may well ask that we rearrange the meeting for another time.

As a point of reference after about 18.00 teachers bookings get very tight but before then they can sometimes find some extra time. Make your way into the hall and wait to be called.


Children in Need

With so much just about to start (and having just finished our theme week), we thought it might be too much to do something formal for Children in Need.

On the day we will be collecting silver coins to see if we can fill a Pudsey or two. This will then be donated to the charity. Feel free to bring any donations that we can send off on your behalf if you so wish.


Looking Back

William Amory Remembers – Ashton Travis

Thank you to Mr Wood for coming in and sharing the very moving life of the school’s Old Boy, Ashton Travis. The children were very interested and found it a very valuable lesson.

Regretfully, a few days after the cease fire another Old Boy, William Dale, died from his injuries and we will remember him next week.


As always, I will always do my best to speak to you about any concerns you may have on the day so please feel free to approach me, either on the playground or book an appointment if you prefer.

Mr B Wilken