Newsletter 7th June 2019

Key Dates

20th June – Sports Day

25th June – Whole School Trip

28th June – Summer Fayre

4rd July – Open Morning (e-safety)

16th July – Drop In Parent’s Evening

18th July – School Service

19th July – Leavers’ Service

                   Last Day of Term


7th June 2019

The Next Fortnight

10th               Phonics Screening KSI all week

Swimming Gala Y3/4 CADSSA

PTFA meeting 18.30

11th               T&L Governors

13th               Y3 Assembly

17th June     Y5 Apedale Trip

Full Governors

18th               Y5 Maths Puzzle Day BBHS

19th               Goblin Car Races

Y4 Olympic Day BBHS

20th               Sports Day

21st               Non School Uniform Day – PTFA


Looking Forward

Sports Day

We are looking to start at around 13:30. We felt it was very successful last year running the two Key Stages as separate events on the same field. This allowed for each child to take part in many more races and less waiting between events to allow them to be set up.
Parents are welcome to come along and cheer on their children.


Summer Fayre

The Summer Fayre will start straight after school on Friday 28th. More details to come.


Open Morning

We intend to run an open morning for (grand)parents to come into the classroom and take part in activities with their children. Doors will open at 08:50 for coffee (you will need to wait until we pick up your children at 09:00).
Mr Wilken will put forward a short presentation on e-safety in the hall aiming to look at practical methods of filtering your internet at home. Hopefully there will be step by step guidance for those of you with common providers such as BT, Plusnet, Virgin and so on.
At around 09:30 we shall go into the classrooms. Teachers have free reign on the topic they may want to cover during the lesson as we thought 300+ people all doing e-safety might be a bit of a strain.
Handouts on the presentation will be available upon request.


School Service and Leavers’ Service

From 14:00 on the 18th of July, Reception to Y5 will put on a school service at St Peter’s Church. (grand)parents are welcome.

Year 6 use this time to polish their final performance which takes place on the morning of the last day of term. Year 6 (grand)parents have already been invited.


Looking Back

Standon Bowers

Well done to our Year 6 for, once again, being such great sports and getting stuck in.


As always, I will always do my best to speak to you about any concerns you may have on the day so please feel free to approach me, either on the playground or book an appointment if you prefer.