Newsletter 31st January 2020


31st January 2020

The Next Fortnight for School and Nursery

6th Feb    Y6 Assembly

Half term – W/B 17th February


Looking Forward


Snow Plan

We are getting to that time of year again. We love snow days at The William Amory (well, the first one at least) because we can spend some time building snowmen and making snow angels on the playground.

If it is snowy, please send your child in with (LABELLED) waterproof shoes/boots/wellies, plenty of socks and waterproof gloves. Warm coats etc go without saying.


On a more practical level, please can I remind parents of our snow plan which can be found on the school website here.

We make every attempt to remain open, even if we need to double up classes and scrap the curriculum for that day. However, this is not always possible and we do have a duty to ensure we have sufficient staff to cover our legal responsibilities. Below are reminders of how we aim to operate on snow days:

  • Our local schools share information from 06:00 though we make our own decisions mostly based on staffing.
  • Staff inform me of the possibility of getting to school and nursery. Please remember that some staff commute for up to an hour and many live in the Peaks so they may be better or worse off than Blythe Bridge for snow.
  • I make a decision with this information, along with Met Office and BBC weather forecasts. I publish via text to all parents/carers by 06:45 if the school and nursery are to close. I then inform the authorities who publish it. Please do not rely on websites or radio – your text is best.
  • Once the decision to close is made, that is final.
  • We make every attempt to clear paths to the school but conditions dictate what we do on the day.
  • I may well close the school the night before if it is clear that the weather overnight is worsening.

To help us out please:

  • Make sure we have your correct and current mobile number.
  • Don’t call school to see if we are open. If you have not heard by 06:45, we shall be open.
  • Don’t call school to see if you should send your child to school – we cannot make that decision on your behalf. If you do not think it is safe to come in then please call and leave a message.

And a final reminder – If you have not received a text by 06:45, the school is open.



Other than getting a day, teacher and club wrong here or there, including my own club which I scheduled for the same time as our staff meetings, I think the clubs letter went swimmingly well – almost no corrective texts needed to go out at all! My apologies for the confusion to everyone.


Looking Back



A brilliant time was reported by all who went to Shugborough this year. I hope you all get a good weekend’s rest. Thanks to all the leaders who gave up their time and sleep to run the event.



As always, I will always do my best to speak to you about any concerns you may have on the day so please feel free to approach me, either on the playground or book an appointment if you prefer.