Newsletter 29th March 2019



Easter Hat Parade – 10th April 2019
See letter below

Easter Bingo – THURSDAY 11th April
After school, bingo books and refreshments available on the day.
Bring an Egg on the day.

29th March 2019

The Next Fortnight

2nd April   Selected Y5 children to BBHS for Physics Fest

3rd            Y3/4 Football tournament

10th          Easter Hat Parade – Non Uniform Day

11th          Easter Bingo – No Soundwaves

Reminder – Last day of this half term is 12th April 2019


Looking Forward

PTFA Easter Events

Please read the letter below about the Easter Hat Parade. The bingo has changed from the last day of Easter to Thursday 11th. Straight after school we deliver a heads down bingo experience with prizes galore. Finishes at around 17.00.



Music Tuition via Entrust (Violin, Flute/Clarinet, Guitar)

We are currently looking at our provision for 2019/2020. We have always put on music tuition as part of the service and then charged parents slightly less as we believe in promoting musical talent.

However – this is becoming increasingly hard to justify. Over the years numbers taking up this offer have fallen whilst charges have continued to go up. This is not sustainable at a time when so many schools are laying off staff to make ends meet.

There is a very good chance that, unless we get more children taking classes, we will have to drop this service at the end of this year. We will provide more information about the service is coming weeks in the hope that we can at least double the number of children who take part.

Rocksteady and Mrs Mair’s piano are not included in this as membership is quite strong for these tutors.


Looking Back

Y5 Assembly

I think it is wonderful to find out so much about our locality and how important the region was to the UK. Thank you so much to Mrs Watkinson and the class for telling me lots I didn’t know. Brilliant.

Y4 Trip

Year 4 were their superb selves this week at Chester. Bene factum!


As always, I will always do my best to speak to you about any concerns you may have on the day so please feel free to approach me, either on the playground or book an appointment if you prefer.




Dear Parents/Carers

As part of our Easter Celebrations we thought it would be fun to hold both an Easter Hat competition and Design an Egg competition.

All children are invited to either decorate a hat or a hard-boiled egg.  Hats can be a traditional bonnet or maybe a baseball cap or indeed decorating an old favourite dressing up hat, the choice is endless!  Eggs can be decorated as they wish, patterns, maybe a character or adding it to a background scene!  There are many ideas on websites so enjoy taking a look.

All decorated hats and eggs need to be brought into school on Wednesday 10th April when they will be judged by members of the PTFA.  Prizes will be given to the best in each class.

Children will parade their hats and display their eggs in the school hall and Parents/Carers are invited to join us.  Nursery children will show theirs at 2pm and the rest of the school at 2.30pm.  It is sure to be an egg-spectacular!

We very much look forward to seeing all the creations.

PTFA Committee