Newsletter 25th January 2019


25th January 2018

The Next Fortnight

30th       Y5 to Shugborough residential

31st       PTFA

4th Feb    Academy Photographs – classes, groups, musicians and leavers

7th         Y4 and Y5 Bike-Ability


Looking Forward


Good luck to all those children going to Shugborough next week. I hope the weather holds out and you have a great time.



The PTFA meet on the 31st January at 18:30. All parents are welcome to attend. There’s no pressure to hit the ground running, but our already active PTFA does so much for the school it would be great to have even more members to share ideas.


Looking Back

Young Voices

Another triumph. Well done to all those involved!


More Info

Crossing Patrol

Mrs Lancaster, our Crossing Patrol lady extends her thanks to all the parents who signed the petition recently. Thankfully it seems that this vital service has been preserved for the short term at least.


Pedestrian Safety

Following an incident at another Staffordshire school we have had to review our health and safety procedures, particularly when it comes to pick up and drop off times and that pathway from KSI to KSII.

One of the things we have noticed however is that often parents sit in their cars when we dismiss at the end of a club. We’ve never particularly concerned ourselves with this but part of our review makes it clear that a child running to the car when another parent could be driving off is an accident waiting to happen – especially as they can’t see each other on the corner by the pedestrian gate. For this reason,

Children will now NOT be released to parents waiting in cars that are on the school car park. This applies to all children even if they are allowed to walk home on their own. But it is specific to the school car park because there is no pavement.

Please can you tell anyone who picks up on your behalf that if they are parked on the school car park they will need to walk onto the playground to pick up.



As our school has evolved and changed in the last decade we have changed many things. I think it is about time we thought about our school motto. Were we a blue chip company with a PR department we might call it a mission statement, perhaps a vision statement or a statement of purpose. But call me old fashioned – I like the word Teacher (not Practitioner or Facilitator); the term Headteacher or even Headmaster (not Principal or Director) and I particularly like the idea of having a motto to live by.

We are shortly going to work in the school to come up with a motto to direct our school for the next few years. So if any parents can think of a good motto to live by, that would be understood by the pupils and that encompasses all we want – please let us know.


Parent Survey

Please could all parents of children in the school please undertake our annual parent survey (link here).


As always, I will always do my best to speak to you about any concerns you may have on the day so please feel free to approach me, either on the playground or book an appointment if you prefer.

Mr B Wilken