Newsletter 20th October 2017

The Next Fortnight

6th Nov   PTFA meeting 18.30

7th           Year 5 Assembly

8th           Parents Evening

12th         Blythe Bridge Remembrance March (Sunday)

INSET – 30th October – Children return to school Tuesday 31st October

Looking Forward


I was really hoping to get Nursery and After School invoices out this week. I regret this ambition was somewhat derailed by events this week.  It is my intention to get invoices out at the beginning of the month within the next few cycles to allow parents time to see what’s due.

In the meantime – I hope that you will be invoiced by the 25th October.


Parents Evening

It is parents’ evening on the 8th November. Here’s a chance to find out how your child(ren) has settled into the class and to see if there’s any issues that need to be looked at. The appointment is not long so if you feel that you need to have a longer appointment, please arrange that with the teacher. It is interesting to note that most backlogs happen after 18.00.


Please make your way into the hall and your teacher(s) will call for you. Teas and coffees are available. You are free to look at your children’s work before or after the appointment. We shall be sending out a booking letter which will provide more details.


Looking Back


Given that we are at least 2 years overdue and have established a new nursery, we knew it was inevitable that we would be getting a call at some point this term. As soon as we are allowed we will inform you of their judgement. Until that point, thank you for your thoughts and wishes.

Thank you to all parents who responded to the inspectors. I was so proud of the children during the visit.

As this is a matter of public record, I thought I might just show you a screenshot of the first of many very positive graphs from the ParentView Portal. Many thanks to the parents who took the time to fill that in as well.


Thank you to everyone for your very generous donations to Homelink yesterday.




As always, I will always do my best to speak to you about any concerns you may have on the day so please feel free to approach me, either on the playground or book an appointment if you prefer.

Mr B Wilken