Newsletter 14th September 2018


14th September 2018

The Next Fortnight for School and Nursery

17th          Academy Photographs

19th          Swimming starts


Looking Forward

Reminder – Photographs

Academy Photographers will be in from 08.30 on Monday 17th September 2018.

From 08.30 to around 09.00, parents are welcome to use this service to take whole family shots – parents, grandparents, siblings, whatever.

If you want a photo of your school child(ren) and older/younger siblings, this is the time to organise this. Just turn up and wait until the photographer is free.

From around 09.00 we will then take individual AND sibling photographs (including nursery) of all children in the school.

For anyone new, you will get a sample pack after a few weeks and request any copies you want via their order system.


Building works

Just a few pics to update.

This is the wall against which the cookers, sinks and ovens will go. Half of the doorway into the hall that will be cut through next weekend. It was with a sense of sorrow that Mr Coates cut away at the old climbing frame in Nursery. Today the new sub base is being levelled.

The Nursery frame should be ready on Tuesday


Our local constabulary have asked us to remind parents of the following when picking up and dropping off:

As always, may I ask that any news letters that go out to parents in the coming weeks, have a section dedicated to parking outside of school. So that parents are aware that when they park, it must be in a safe and legal area, that is not causing an obstruction to other road users, pedestrians and school children, going to and leaving school. We will be working with our colleagues in the county council which includes the issuing of advisory notices to those deemed to be parking in a way that breaches the above conditions. If there are repeat offenders, then they may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice for the way in which they were parked.

We will continue to patrol outside of schools during opening and closing times to over reassurance and to answer any questions that parents or yourselves may have.

Looking Back

House Captains

The children did a brilliant job of setting down their duties and responsibilities in assembly this week – I’m sure they’re shaping up to be an excellent year.


We’re hoping the rather unfortunate event that resulted in the need to clear the pool will be fully resolved for next week’s swimming!

As always, I will always do my best to speak to you about any concerns you may have on the day so please feel free to approach me, either on the playground or book an appointment if you prefer.

Mr B Wilken