Newsletter 11th October 2019


PTFA Events Autumn 2019

23rd October – Halloween Discos for KSI and KSII. KSI from 17:30 to 18:30. KSII from 18:45 to 20:00

4th November – PTFA meeting


Thanks to the PTFA for raising over £1500 to buy musical instruments for the school. Without their help (and yours) we wouldn’t have such a great bank of equipment (with more to come).


11th October 2019

The Next Fortnight for School and Nursery

14th          Inter House Competition KSII

15th          Y6 transition at BBHS

16th          Y5 Trip to Library – Restart a Heart

23rd          PTFA KSI and KSII Discos

24th          Y4 trip to Cadbury World

School Closes

25th          INSET – School Closed


Looking Forward


PTFA – Halloween Disco – £2 entrance

Our PTFA are a wonderful group of people who raise so much money for the school. Members are always welcome so why not come to the disco this term and discuss it.

The KSI disco starts at 17:30. Entrance is through the Year 4 classroom (next to the main entrance). Parents are encouraged to stay. It finishes at 18:30 and you pick up from the hall, leaving via the main front door.

The KSII disco starts at 18:45 and follows a similar procedure.

Fancy dress is more than welcome but please be warned, particularly older children, I reserve the right to confiscate any masks I consider inappropriate for a primary school disco.



Please remember – the 25th of October is an INSET.


Looking Back


School Trips

Well done to our Year 6 and Year 3 pupils who set such an excellent example on their recent school trips. I am always very proud of how well we behave and learn when we are out and about.


Open Day

A big thank you to all parents for allowing us to have their children in school during our evening Open Day. It was a tremendous success and that was very much in part due to the children who stayed in school.


Rugby Club

I’d like to apologise to the rugby club for having to cancel over recent weeks. Owing to personal circumstances I have repeatedly cancelled the club at short notice. Miss Carson has very kindly volunteered to take over the running of the club for consistency.


Further Information – Reminder

Nut Allergies

A reminder that we ask all parents to avoid nuts in packed lunches or snacks. This includes Nutella sandwiches, nut based chocolate and nut based chew bars. We will politely ask any child who has a nut bar to put it away and take it home.

Whilst you do have the right to bring nuts into school, we feel that it is an extremely small sacrifice to give up a nut based snack when there are plenty of very tasty alternatives which are not likely to threaten the safety of other children and staff within school. Thank you for your understanding.


As always, I will always do my best to speak to you about any concerns you may have on the day so please feel free to approach me, either on the playground or book an appointment if you prefer.


Mr B Wilken