Newsletter 10th February 2017

10th February 2017


The Next Fortnight

13th     Academy Photographers

Premises, H&S and Finance Governors

14th     Special Friendship Day Lunch

16th     PTFA Film Night

Half Term

27th     Children return to school

28th     Office closed for the morning

Special Pancake Day Lunch


Looking Forward



It’s the time of year for class and club photographs again. Please could children come to school in full uniform on Monday. This session isn’t individuals or family so we just take them for photographs during the day.

If your child(ren) are in any of the following clubs, please bring instruments or kit:

  • Football Team A or Team B,
  • Violin/stringed instruments (not Year 3),
  • Flute, clarinet or other wind instrument,
  • Represented the school at Y3/4 tag rugby – PE kit please,


Film Night

Our PTFA is running our film night on Thursday 16th February. Children will be escorted from class into the hall for the show. Pick up time is at 17.15 from the main entrance.

Tickets for Tuck Goody Bags will be available on Monday and Tuesday. A ticket will cost £2.00 and the goody bag will contain some popcorn, drink and sweet. It will be handed out to the children just before the performance starts so there is no need to bring any money or queue up for tuck and miss the film.

There will be a tuck shop available for children to purchase from a limited stock of goodies.


Looking Back



Thank you for all your lovely likes on our Facebook page. I have been pleasantly surprised at how effective it has been as a communication method and very pleasantly surprised that parents and other visitors are liking it so much. Can I remind you that we don’t use it for messages and the like. Should you wish to contact school please use the email addresses above.


Shoes – and in particular – boots with extra-long laces

I have noticed an increasing number of children wearing boots – in particular those that look like walking boots. Although our school uniform specifies shoes, many of these boots could be described as school appropriate and I don’t particularly feel the need to make a fuss even though I would prefer children to wear classic school shoes.

However – many of these boots have a real problem with laces that appear to be much too long for them.  My staff and I are finding an increasing amount of our time is spent tying up laces only to find them undone again seconds later because they’ve fallen off the hooks (or the children are deliberately undoing them in some form of fashion statement).

For those that have already bought these boots, please could you cut the laces or do something so that they don’t trail so far behind and don’t have to rely on the hooks to keep them up. In conversation yesterday we discovered that between us we had done one child’s laces up 4 times and they were still undone at lunchtime.

It may indeed seem very trivial, but a child with these boots is going to have an accident as a result of undone laces trailing behind them.



Having just taken the children swimming, I am reminded how impossible it is after a PE lesson to sort out a class full of shirts, jumpers, trousers and jumpers which are unlabelled.

Please remember that our suppliers can put a child’s initials on jumpers/cardigans for a very small sum and this makes it so much easier to identify the owner of a jumper left on a table or on the playground or hall.

Also please remember that pen washes off and fades. Some labels I have seen recently have clearly been marked but they are impossible to read.


Mobile Phones

We understand why children may need to bring mobile phones into school, particularly in Years 5 and 6.

Please make sure your child knows to hand his/her mobile phone in to the teacher and pick it up at the end of the day.