KS2 Inter-House Competition

Today every child in KS2 split up into their respective house teams and either took part in a quiz or sports multi-skills as part of the KS2 Inter-House Competition.

The sports multi-skills included basketball, football and hockey skills, as well as sprinting.

The quiz included a Q&A of general knowledge, food anagrams for the children to solve and a page of photos of TV shows/characters for the children to recognise and list.

The children all worked really well together in their teams. They were always encouraging each other and cheering their team mates along. It was a pleasure to watch every child try their very best throughout the competition.

The winners for the competition are as follows:
Sports Multi-Skills
1st – Emeralds
2nd – Sapphires
3rd – Rubies
4th – Topaz

1st – Topaz
2nd – Emeralds
3rd – Sapphires
4th – Rubies

Overall Winners
1st – Emeralds
Joint 2nd – Sapphires and Topaz
3rd – Rubies