Dear Parent/Carer/Friend,


The William Amory Primary school communicates with parents in the following ways: weekly newsletters emailed to parents and available at both Key Stages; texts; in person at the beginning and end of the day; in person by appointment; via the school website; via our electronic diary. Until now avoided social media such as Twitter and Facebook, as there are significant concerns about their suitability.

We are aware, however, that many of our parents have these accounts and will access them regularly. We also know that emails can easily get lost and texts can be very intrusive. For that reason we are trialling a Facebook page to help with communication. We have decided that Twitter does not suit our purposes.


The Positives of Facebook

We will use Facebook to celebrate successes and to provide information about events that have happened or are coming up. We will not be using Facebook for the following:

  • To publish photographs or children’s names;
  • To replace the newsletter, texts or appointments;
  • To issue homework or similar;
  • To enter into any correspondence or engage in dialogue of any form.


The negatives of Facebook

One of the concerns about Facebook is trolling or similar. Should you wish to like a post or page then, of course, you are free to do so. However, we expect all to observe the following, very reasonable, rules:

  • No names of children, parents (other than your username which can be seen by all);
  • Staff names should be avoided unless it’s something like, “Thank you Mrs X for the trip.”
  • No dialogue between viewers (we ask this to stop viewers responding to potential trollers);
  • No negative comments. Should you have an issue with something in the school please book an appointment to see the member of staff, the Headteacher or the Governors. This is not the place for it.


The school reserves the right to block any user for any reason without notification. Viewers will be blocked from making comments for violations of the above or for actions not consistent with the ethics of the school.

This blocking WILL BE PERMANENT. A viewer may request a lift from the ban in writing to the Governors who will then review the block at the next available Full Governors Meeting. Neither a member of staff nor the Headteacher will enter into discussion about lifting the ban – it should be noted that this decision is the remit of the Governors and the governors alone.

The full policy can be found here.