Reception Paint Like Kandinsky

In class, Reception have been learning all about Kandinsky and his art style. Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian painter and was known as a pioneer of abstract art. The children have each tried to replicate one of his most famous art pieces called “Squares with Concentric Circles” – choosing their own colours and creating the same circles in squares pattern. We are all really impressed with the finished artwork you have all created!


Reception Numicon Number Lines

Reception have been familiarising themselves with Numicon and using them in all aspects of their Mathematics. The children have become great at recognising the individual Numicon pieces as their respective number. Each child took to the challenge of creating a number line from smallest to largest using the Numicon pieces. Once they had created their number line, they counted each piece of Numicon by finger painting in the holes with the matching paint colour.

Well done Reception!


Year 5 Have Some Special Visitors

On Tuesday 5th November, The William Amory Primary School were lucky enough to have a visit from two Moorcroft Pottery designers. Throughout the afternoon, the children were given the opportunity to transfer the ink outline of designs onto clay coasters;  use rubber bags filled with slip to trail the design and then use a floating technique to apply paint to the pots.

It was a super afternoon and helped to bring alive our Stoke-on Trent topic. The children are now looking forward to submitting their coaster designs for a competition, where the winner will be lucky enough to have their coaster produced at the Moorcroft factory.


Reception Repeating Patterns

Reception have been learning all about repeating patterns. Everyone had a go at creating their own pattern, using different shaped sponges and lots and lots of paint. Well done children! They looked fantastic!

Reception Settle In

Reception class have been busy exploring and learning in their new environment. It has been lovely to see the children settle in so quickly and make many new friends in the classroom.


Reception Practise Their Letter Formation

Reception took to the playground, armed with a large piece of chalk each and began practising their letter formation. The children enjoyed getting the opportunity to write all over the playground and not a single surface was left untouched. Including the Anomaly board, whoops.