20th June 2019 – Sports Day

Sports Day will be taking place on 20th June 2019 (weather permitting) at 1.30pm. Parents/carers are invited to come and watch and cheer on their children as they take part in the different sporting activities.


Newsletter 24th May 2019

Key Dates

24th May – End of First Half Term

3rd June –Second Half Term
3rd June – Y6 Standon Bowers



24th May 2019

The Next Fortnight

24th               First half term ends

3rd June       Second half term starts


Looking Forward

We wish you all a good Half Term

Looking Back

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

The weather was kind, the children had fun. Perfect. 


What a stirling effort the children put into their work this week. Well done to all, including Mrs Robinson and her team.

Other News

Crossing Patrol

Mrs Lancaster, our Crossing Patrol Lady is remaining with us thankfully. However, there is a vacancy for a crossing patrol position in the village. I’m afraid I’m not sure where but I’ve been asked to signpost my parents and grandparents to the advert online.



I am sure that parents get very frustrated when expensive jumpers and cardigans go missing in school. We also have to admit to getting very frustrated with this as well. I personally pick up at least 3 to 5 after every lunch and can return almost none of them to their owners as they are unlabelled. Often brand new as well.

Please can I ask all parents to:

  • Check that their child(ren)’s current jumpers actually belong to them, and,
  • Check your child(ren)’s current jumpers are labelled and that these labels are readable. Even initials can help us locate the owners.


As always, I will always do my best to speak to you about any concerns you may have on the day so please feel free to approach me, either on the playground or book an appointment if you prefer.


A Volcano Erupts in Reception Class

Reception have been learning all about dinosaurs and the different theories on why they went extinct. As part of their topic, the children watched how we could make a volcano erupt in the classroom by creating a chemical reaction. The children were very excited and exclaimed loudly as the volcanic eruption spilled over the sides of the volcano. Many commented how the dinosaurs around the volcano were going to die because of the ‘lava’. While some children tried to save the dinosaurs, others found it more fun to play with the dinosaurs in the ‘lava’.


Reception learn about Spring.

Reception took advantage of the good weather and headed outside to investigate the garden during Spring time. The children were ready to go, armed with their clipboards and fresh pieces of paper, they went outside to draw the different Spring flowers they could see. While some were drawing, others were busy each planting their own pot of cress. They discussed what their seeds would need to grow into full and healthy cress, and made sure to include it all in their planting session.

They all had a wonderful afternoon outside and are very excited to see the cress seeds grow over the next week or so.