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The Governors and Senior Leadership Team believe that our pupils are at the heart of our strategy for the school. We aim to ensure they receive the best education we can provide in a safe and welcoming environment in order to prepare them for their future.


Our Vision

The governors, staff and parents at The William Amory share a common goal – together we aim:

  • Towards ensuring that every child in our care can reach their full potential;
  • Towards giving the children the courage to challenge themselves and be confident in who they are.
  • Towards excellence – whether that be in the classroom, on the stage, the sports field or in a career not yet thought of.

We achieve this through partnerships between children, parents, carers, staff, governors and the wider community.


Strategic Goals

Our Strategy comes from this vision.

 Development: We strive to get every child to their highest levels of personal achievement by providing opportunities for them to explore and develop skills and aspirations.

Be aware of community-wide changes and be mindful of the potential outcomes of these for our pupils.

Curriculum: We wish to encourage a desire to learn the drive to succeed in all our children by providing a broad and balanced curriculum.

Ensure that life skills are part of their experience so that they are best prepared to face their future.

 Wellbeing: We aim to foster and maintain a caring and rich learning environment where children can make mistakes in order to learn from these, to develop resilience and independence on their journey through school.

Resources: We oversee and implement strong financial control to ensure the school teaching and environment reflect the very best of standards we can achieve.


School Governors acting as a “Critical friend” are one of the most effective ways of ensuring that a school strives to exceed it’s best. Our governors do more than take part in regular meetings. The are in school helping out and providing challenge and question where it is needed.

This is done through detailed and timetabled activity, designed to focus on the School Development Plan and working in conjunction with it. At present our members are:

  • Mrs Burton (Chair and member since formation of school. Co-opted);
  • Mrs Rowe (Vice Chair and member since formation of school. Co-opted. Compass Group providing cleaning and catering services for the school);
  • Miss Baskeyfield (staff member and member since formation of school);
  • Mr Wilken (staff member and member since May 2011);
  • Mr Grattage (Co-Opted Governor and member since October 2015. Accountant with no interests relating to the school);
  • Parent Governor – Vacant;
  • Mr Needham (Parent Governor and member since March 2017. JCB with no interests relating to the school);
  • Parent Governor – Vacant.
  • Mrs Fryer (Co-Opted Governor and member since May 2019. Previous teacher and volunteers in school with small groups).

The governor committees are (chairperson in bold):

  •  Teaching and Learning & – 2 nd half of term  (RN, GB, SB, JR, BW, LG)
  • Leadership, Management & Policy – 1 st half of term (GB, SB, JR, BW, LG, RN)
  • Finance, Premises and H&S – meeting termly (JR, SB, GB, BW, LG)
  • Nursery  – meeting termly (GB, BW, JR, RN, LG, SB)
  • Staffing including Pay – meeting twice a year or more (GB, JR,  – appeals panel  LG, RN)

Governor Attendance – Governors are aware of the importance of their role. During governor recruitment the governing body makes all candidates aware of the importance of attendance and commitment. Given the nature of governor meetings and additional meetings that governors make to undertake their roles, it is not considered practical to provide attendance data here which would likely need to be revised on a fortnightly basis. Should you wish to be provided this statutory information please contact us via the form at the bottom of the Contact Us page and we will be able to provide an accurate calculation of governor attendance for the preceding 12 months.

Governors can be contacted via the school office or directly:

The following roles are:

  • Data Governor incl PP and SP – Mr Grattage
  • Safeguarding, Child Protection, Prevent Governor – Mrs Rowe
  • Chairperson – Mrs Burton
  • English Governor – Mrs Burton
  • Maths Governor – Mr Needham
  • Science and Technology Governor – Vacant
  • Curriculum Support Governor to include dyslexia (SEND)– Mrs Fryer
  • EYFS Governor – Mrs Burton

“The governing body is effective because governors are well trained and have good grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of the school, including how it compares with other schools, and how well different groups of pupils achieve. Governors find out about the school through visits to classes, talking to pupils and looking at their books. Governors are supportive while ensuring the school does all it can to improve pupils’ achievement further. They fulfil their statutory duties to ensure that national safeguarding requirements are met. Governors make sure the pupil premium is spent well on additional staff so that eligible pupils achieve as well as other pupils in the school. They manage the school finances soundly, ensure the school takes action in the event any teaching is weak and make sure that any pay increases are linked directly to pupils’ performance.” Ofsted 2013