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t-1404-easterbonnets11Our most recent Ofsted inspection took place in January 2013. We were pleased that Ofsted recognised all the hard work and commitment that the pupils, parents and staff have shown towards the school. Overall the school was judged as good and was judged good across all criteria.

Inspection excerpts:

“Teaching is consistently good”
Teaching is consistently good throughout the school and occasionally outstanding. For example in a Reception literacy lesson, children showed great interest and enthusiasm working independently and in pairs. They made excellent progress using word cards or writing.

Reading standards are good and pupils make good progress across the school. Most pupils have a good knowledge of the sounds that letters make (phonics) and know how to ‘break words down’ when they are unsure about new vocabulary. The school’s own ‘Passport to Reading’ programme is successful in encouraging pupils to read at home. The best readers are fluent and read with expression.
“Reading standards are good”

“Pupils make good progress”
Pupils make good progress throughout the school and achieve well. By the time they leave the school standards are above national averages.

Pupils make good progress in writing. They are given good opportunities to extend their creative writing. During a Year 5 lesson pupils worked well together in creating ‘creative word banks’ to write ‘mood poems’ based on their personal emotions and experience.
“Pupils make good progress in writing”

“Pupils want to do as well as they can”
Pupils enjoy learning and want to do as well as they can. They behave well in lessons and at playtimes and the school is a safe place. Newcomers are made welcome and older pupils set good examples to younger ones.

A strength of the school is the way in which all pupils are valued as individuals and there is no discrimination. Pupils from different backgrounds play and get on well together. This is why, for example, pupils who join the school partway through their primary education settle in quickly.
“Teaching is consistently good”

“Teachers deliver well planned lessons”
The quality of teaching is good. Teachers deliver well-planned lessons that are creative, interesting and make good use of a wide range of resources.

The headteacher, school leaders and governors have had significant success in raising achievement and improving teaching.
“Leaders have had significant success”

“Pupils get on well together”
Behaviour is good in classes and around the school. Pupils get on well with together and show respect for each other as well as for adults. School records show that behaviour is good over time.

 The governing body is effective because governors are well trained and have good grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of the school, including how it compares with other schools, and how well different groups of pupils achieve. Governors find out about the school through visits to classes, talking to pupils and looking at their books. Governors are supportive while ensuring the school does all it can to improve pupils’ achievement further.
“The Governing Body is effective”

“Effective leadership team is fully committed”
 The improvement in this school since the last inspection stems directly from the vision and ambition of the headteacher. He has created an effective leadership team that is fully committed to school improvement and all staff share this positive commitment. Leaders expect the best from the teachers and this is reflected in the challenging targets for improvement that teachers are set.

Pupils achieve well in mathematics. For example, in a Key Stage 1 mathematics lesson pupils made rapid progress in independently using rows and columns to count more easily.
“Pupils achieve well in maths”

What we need to do to get better:

• Improve pupils’ achievement and make more teaching outstanding by:

• ensuring the work set is always hard enough to make the more able pupils really think;

• providing more opportunities for pupils to work independently, solve problems and find out things for themselves;

• making sure that the marking of pupils’ books always includes useful comments to help pupils improve their work and ensure that pupils have opportunities to respond to these comments in lessons;

• ensuring other leaders take more responsibility for checking on the quality of teaching and helping to improve it.


What our parents think:

100% agree
79% strongly agree.
100% agree
67% strongly agree
100% agree
67% strongly agree
100% agree
67% strongly agree
100% agree
100% agree
83% strongly agree

As of end inspection – January 2013. For current responses click here.

Our current Ofsted inspection (2013) can be downloaded here.

Our previous Ofsted inspection (2011) can be downloaded here.

Ofsted’s website can be found here.